With International Women's Day 2019 and results from the second year of Gender Pay Gap Reporting fast approaching, amid the unsettled dust from the first year of Gender Pay Gap Reporting, there is a increased risk of intent and purpose overlapping with meaningful change. 

Conversations, and change are taking place.  But when political correctness becomes a byword for achieving meaningful change, the drive for parity becomes shrouded in distraction and misrepresentation. 

The keyword here is parity, by definition universal equality and opportunities for all.  Every single piece of research, in addition to that referenced in this article, demonstrates the benefits of diverse teams leading to greater innovation and better decision-making, all of which improves performance, building both engagement and productivity.  

Research also indicates that clients increasingly select their advisors based on their approach to diversity.  Differentiation is no longer defined by proposition, but by the people that represent the core values of your business.